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The 2022 General Election is November 8!
Angie King and Family

Angie is a true

Small business owner for 25 years
Celina City Council Member for 11 years
Mercer County Recorder for 9 years
Successfully impacted policy at both the state & federal level
Oldest of 5 children, from a farming family
Married 31 years, 2 adult children, and 2 grandchildren

Why Angie King?

PRO-2ND AMENDMENT CCW license holder & NRA Life Member
PRO-LIFE the only candidate endorsed by the Ohio Right to Life PAC
PRO-FREEDOM supports medical freedom and is opposed to critical race theory/"leftist" idealogies
PRO-CONSTITUTION will protect and defend the Constitution
FISCAL CONSERVATIVE will scrutinize government spending and fight for lower taxes
HIGHEST CANDIDATE RATING from NRA-PVF & Buckeye Firearms Association PAC
THE ONLY CANDIDATE ENDORSED by Ohio Right to Life PAC & Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio

I am proud to endorse Angie King for State Representative for Ohio's 84th district. - Congressman Warren Davidson

Angie King, True CONSERVATIVE Fighter


Public Service Experience

Angie previously served as a Celina City Council member for 11 years. Currently, she serves as Mercer County Recorder, a position she’s held for the past 9 years.

More About Angie

Pro 2nd Ammendment

You can trust Angie to defend your 2nd Amendment rights, to keep and bear arms, and oppose any effort to take away those rights.

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The Economy

Angie is a small business owner who has been involved in buying, selling, and managing real estate for 25 years. She understands the long hours, hard work, and risks it takes to grow a business.

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The New 84th District

Angie will be running to represent the Ohio 84th District which includes all of Mercer and sections of Darke/Auglaize Counties.

Ohio District Map